The Build Process

After you sign up for Outdoors Engine:

  1. 1. Send us your logo

    We prefer your logo in a vector format such as Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) or Adobe Illustrator (.AI) format. Also include a low-res version, a transparent PNG file if possible.

    Upload logos and all other content using this form.

  2. 2. Send us a site map, outline, or a link to your current site

    Depending on your type of business, we output a standard set of pages and page types with placeholder content. If you currently have a site – or an outline/map of your site – we will instead create that page structure within your new site and populate it with placeholder content.

  3. 3. Send us your initial site content

    In addition to standard information like your business name, email address, phone number and physical address,  we will need all the materials required to populate the pages created above in Step 2. We replace the placeholder content with your own content including copy and titles for each page, images for each page, and images for any galleries you might have, organized by gallery. We will also configure any standard forms used by your site.

  4. 4. Change your Domain Records

    If you have/own your own domain name, you will need to change your domain’s authoritative DNS servers (nameservers) to the following:

    If we are registering a new domain name for you, or if you just want to use the domain name, OE takes care of this step for you.

  5. 5. Wiring up Your Email Account (optional)

    If you have/own your own email address and would like your site to send mail from that address, you will need to enter your email provider’s SMTP credentials into your OE control panel.

  6. 6. Link Your Social Media Accounts (optional)

    If you have Instagram, FaceBook and/or Twitter accounts you would like connected, you will need to complete a form in your OE Control panel to allow account access.