About Outdoors Engine

The Platform

Outdoors Engine was built on top of WordPress for ease of management and for superior downstream compatability.

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet, more popular than all other content management systems combined, and runs 27% of the world’s websites.

Why do most sites fail?

Most sites fail because they are built without allowing for an ongoing maintenance plan. New sites begin degrading the day they are launched as content needs updating, plug-ins, OS’s, and hardware need to be patched with important updates or to access updated features, all the while becoming out of sync with WordPress core.

Speed & Security, Built In

Page speed affects everything from visitor retention to search engine page ranking. The OE enterprise-level hosting environment is optimized for WordPress at every level.

Server hardware and custom LEMP stack are best in class. OE servers boast minimum 3GHz CPU’s with NVMe solid state storage and are perennial performance benchmark winners that make our custom stack lightning fast.

A Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) is used to serve content from the edge. Opcode query caching and page caching keep your requests to a minimum and your site lightweight and responsive.

Our built-in security employs a three-tiered protection strategy. DNS proxy, server request, and scan-level products protect your site from unwanted traffic and requests. Additionally, an external, smart login firewall prevents automated login and dictionary attacks.

We Back Up our Backups

We are obessesed with redundancy. Our three discrete levels and methods of backup ensure that your data is always safe with Outdoors Engine.

We Do the Hard Stuff

OE keeps your site up and running. We perform daily backups, confirm backup integrity, install security patches, update PHP, MySQL, WordPress core and all associated code, monitor uptime and security – all the daunting tasks that are often overlooked but are critical to the ongoing success and health of your site. On top of all that, we continually develop and implement new features to keep you ahead of trends in the outdoor industry.

Best in Class Plugin Set

We employ a best-in-class core plugin set to provide some of the functionality for your site. Yearly subscription fees for these plugins alone would run you $1000+ dollars per year in subscription fees . The constant management of these subscriptions cost you valuable time and resources. With OE they are simply provided as part of your simple yearly subscription at no extra cost.

You Have Access to YOUR Content

You will always have access to your content; it’s yours after all. No more being held hostage by developers to perform simple content updates. Need to change the hours for your retail store? Not a problem, you have access to change all content via the WordPress CMS.

We have made every effort to separate content from design within themes and templates to make the process simple, straightforward and intuitive. Still struggling? Contact OE support and we are here to help.